The Incredible BOSE® Personal Amplification System™

Impress even your most discriminating audiophile guests with the most incomparable audio system on the market!

How it works

Here is the sound pattern of all traditional speakers,
whether on the floor or on a pole.

Conventional systems produce a very narrow beam of sound, like the beam of a flashlight, creating loud zones and dead spots. People in the front can get blasted and fans on the side or back hear virtually no detail.


The Incredible BOSE®
Personalized Amplification System™

The Cylindrical Radiator ™ loudspeaker creates and unusually wide dispersion pattern, nearly 180 degrees, for fuller sound coverage throughout the venue.


Why should you care?

Have you ever been to an event where the music was so loud that you wish you had some ear plugs? Or the sound quality was so poor that you couldn’t enjoy listening to the music, or had trouble understanding those important speeches and announcements? That can happen with traditional gear. DJs with conventional speakers tend to turn them up loud to get sound to the back of the room so everyone can hear it. The louder the volume, the less clarity the sound will have.
With our Bose® PAS™ system we never get a complaint on sound. We don’t have to crank up the volume at the front of a room to get it to the back or sides of the room. Whether your guests sit right in front of the speakers or on the far side of the room, nobody will be saying “do you have to play it so loud?” or “what did he say?”. With the Bose® PAS™ system, there’s no worry of that any more. Everyone will enjoy the sounds of Bose® and hear things in music that they never knew were there before. Also, they are much sleeker and unobtrusive than traditional speakers, so they do not detract from the décor. These speakers are amazing, and they really make a difference!

The Bose® PAS™ system is standard at every Perfect Wedding DJ event!

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